Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Life insurance is probably the most overlooked type of insurance available. Many people feel that they don’t need life insurance coverage and that they are not the ones that are going to die. At our agency, my father Arlyn Anderson helps us provide the information regarding life insurance that our clients need to make the best decision regarding their life insurance. Arlyn and I have both had some touching experiences over the years regarding life insurance, I would like to share just one.

When I first started as an insurance agent my license plate for my car said GET LIFE. That was a great reminder each day as I headed off to work to ask all of my clients about life insurance. One day, one of my clients, a 28 year old father who had purchased a $250,000 life insurance policy from me just two years prior called and told me, “Lance, I have brain cancer and I have less than six months to live, is my life insurance ok?” That is one of those times in your career as an insurance agent when you grieve with your client and at the same time are grateful and satisfied for the opportunity to have provided valuable protection that will help their family as they pass on. This client asked if he could access some of his life insurance benefits before his death which you can do if you are terminally ill and you have the Accelerated Death Benefit Rider. I told him sure, and he provided the necessary documentation and two weeks and three days later he had a check for $78,000 f the $250,000, an amount he calculated he needed to die debt free and to pay the cost of the medical bills that his health insurance had not paid. Within the $78,000 there was also enough to take his young family on a Disneyland vacation one last time.

This experience changed my life as I was able to see the effect that life insurance had on a young father and husband. I only wish I had encouraged them to buy more. The $250,000 plus the $150,000 he had at work was simply not enough and I saw the widow struggle a little in the following years.

If you do not have enough life insurance or if you don’t have any life insurance at all, please reach out to us, we would love the opportunity to provide the life insurance information you need so that you can buy the right policy to protect your family.

How Much Life Insurance Coverage Should I Have?

10 times your annual income if you want your family to enjoy the same lifestyle they have now. You can purchase a lower amount if 10X is within your budget, the important thing is that you purchase something.

Arlyn Anderson, Our Life Specialist:

Arlyn is a member of the Allstate Life Insurance Hall of Fame and has protected many families over the years with his life insurance expertise. Arlyn has a passion for making sure everyone has some life insurance coverage. He pays attention to every detail and makes sure your life insurance dollar is well spent.

Our Life Insurance Companies:

We represent many different life insurance companies including Met Life, Banner Life, Prudential, Pacific Life, ING, Auto Owners and many other of the best life insurance companies. We will make sure we find the best company for your needs.